• Silk Paper
    Wide variety of formats

    to satisfy your needs
  • Blotting Paper
    Fully recyclable

    and biodegradable
  • Corrugated Cardboard
    Perfect to be in

    contact with food
    Very useful as

    a shock absorber

About us

About us

Our company is oriented to the manufacturing and distribution of packaging materials, and our cornerstones are Quality and Service. We aim to fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers.


We have HACCP certification, which keeps us in high quality standards, complying with the market's demands, and contributing to abide by food safety regulations, with clean, contaminant-free packages.

Our production policy drives us to manufacture an excellent quality product with unique characteristics in this sector, which has been appreciated by our costumers season after season.


In Envapack Chile, we produce and commercialize products starting with raw materials from natural renewable products (FSC – PEFC).

Our raw materials are safe and comply with the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) requirements for coming into direct contact with fruits and food in general, which is demonstrated with the regular microbiological analysis carried out by Envapack Chile on its finished products. Validated by our HACCP system, Chilean Regulation 2861:2011. We also carry out Global Migration analysis, validating that our raw materials comply with the Global Migration requirements as established in regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 (26).

Customers around the world

We are global providers; our methods, experience, and versatility help us provide a prestigious service, delivering our products wherever you need them.

High-quality products and excellent service are our strengths.